Balance Your Hormones, Lose Weight, and Get in The Mood for Your Life 

with Dr. Keesha’s Favorite Quick and Easy Recipes 

Only 5-10 minutes prep time!

Have you ever felt trapped by your schedule? Like you don’t have time to eat healthy, even though you know it’s what you need to do? I have been there! I am busy too and need my food preparation to take very little time. 

Do you want to lose weight, have amazing skin that doesn’t require cover up or foundation, and energy that just sizzles? 

I am going to share my favorite recipes that I used to get back my vitality, a body weight I am happy with, plus energy, libido, and passion to match! 

I am no longer on the detox-retox rollercoaster. I eat as if I am detoxing all of the time. Again, this did not happen in one day, one month, or even one year. After I had been living and eating in the ways I am sharing with you here, I finally got off of that roller coaster and decided it just wasn’t worth it to retox anymore. 

I am a busy person with a medical practice and four children. The recipes I have chosen are ones that can be prepared in 5-10 minutes. That’s right…anyone can find 5-10 minutes to make fresh food for themselves. Baking time if it’s a cooked dish will need to be added to prep time. 

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